Caracal Cats

Few Things You Should Know about Caracal Cats

The Caracal cat (Caracal Caracal) is a very fast medium-sized cat that is referred to as African
or Persian Lynx even though it is not part of the Lynx family. The name of this cat comes from the Turkish
word ‘karakulak’ that means ‘black ear’
and the black ears are a distinctive feature of the caracal cats.

The Description

The caracal cat has about 2-3 feet in length plus 9-12
inches for the tail. They are not very
tall, they have 15-20 inches at the shoulder. Their weight varies between 30 to 42 pounds with the females being
generally lighter than the mails.

The habitat

The caracals can be found in Northern Africa, western Asia, and the Arabian Peninsula. They prefer to live in dry steppes, semi-deserts as well as savannas and
woodlands. They can live as high as 3000
meters (9800 ft.) above the sea level.

They are mostly nocturnal which makes it difficult to
observe and territorial, it lives only alone or rarely in pairs.

The diet

The caracal is a carnivore
cat and normally feeds with small mammals, rodents, and birds. It is a
very efficient hunter due to its speed and agility and can even catch pray that
is three times its size. It can also
leap for over 3 meters in the airs and this allows the caracal to easily catch
birds as they fly. The caracal doesn’t
start its pray until it is only five meters away from the victim when it can easily launch into a
sprint. Caracal cats hunt alone or in

Caracal cats can survive without water for long periods of
time because it uses the body fluids of its prey. They don’t eat hair but are shearing the meat
neatly from the skin but it will eat small feathers.

The reproduction

It takes a year for both males and females to become
sexually mature and they can produce gametes as early as seven to ten
months. They can only successfully mate
at 12 to 15 months. Oestrus is usually
between one and three days long and cycles every fourteen days if the female is
not pregnant. Breeding can take place in
any period of the year but the births occur more often from October to

One to six kittens are born at a time after a gestation period of two to three months. When they are born, the kittens have their
eyes and ears shut, non-retractable
claws, and spotted abdomen. It takes four weeks for the ears to become erect while eyes open at ten days and start to
see later on.

The caracal has an average lifespan of 16 years.

Caracals can be kept as pets and have no difficulty adapting
to the human environment. A caracal cat can cost between $1500.00 and
$2200.00. It is not a good idea to keep this type of cat at a farm though
because they will likely eat chicken and small animals. They are sometimes killed for their predatory
skills as well as for their meat and fur, which some of the tribes consider to be a luxury.

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